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    Eram bets on cheaper French-made shoes


    The French shoe retailer Eram has expanded its range of French-made shoes to include best-selling, easy-to-wear models, at an affordable price. Until now, the pairs produced in its Montjean-sur-Loire factory were higher-priced trendy and original fashion models. The new cheaper, locally-produced pairs are part of the Eram ...

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    Eram enters the second-hand market


    Second-hand, or pre-owned, fashion is a growing trend in France, with brands such as Kiabi , Gémo and Jacadi all launching pre-owned clothing projects. Shoe and apparel retailer Eram has decided to join in, and has recently been testing several schemes offering second-hand fashion items in stores, ...

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    André’s former head makes partial takeover offer


    A Grenoble-based commercial court is expected to decide on July 24 on the future of the footwear chain André , which is currently in receivership. It filed for bankruptcy on March 23 after its owner Spartoo was unable to obtain sufficient financing to continue the business. André was ...