The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) said that its 21st International Footwear Congress, initially scheduled this year in China, has been postponed to 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

UITIC’s executive committee took the decision in agreement with the host organization, China Leather Industry Association (CLIA).

”China is almost back to normal, but hosting an international congress could be difficult within 2021, due to the Covid 19 impact on transporation,” said Yves Morin, the president of UITIC. 

The organization, which is based in Lyon, France, was established in 1972. It aims at developing innovation in the footwear sector by organizing international conferences and by setting up information exchanges between its members coming from associations, research centers and private companies in 28 countries. UITIC’s 20th congress was held in Portugal in 2018.