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    Footway hires Tom Söderlund as CTO


    Footway , the international Swedish-based shoe e-tailer, has hired Tom Söderlund as chief technology officer. He will be in charge of the company’s technical infrastructure and architecture. Söderlund comes from Weld , which develops marketing platforms for e-retailers, where he was the co-founder and CEO. He previously ...

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    Footway’s new online platform has teething problems


    Last April’s acquisition of Sportamore and its growing internationalization enabled Footway to expand the number of visitors and customers on its numerous websites across Europe, but reduced its profitability last year. With the inclusion of Sportamore for the last two months of 2020, the Swedish online shoe retailer reported ...

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    Footway widens e-commerce for its brands to 24 markets


    Footway , the international Swedish-based shoe e-tailer, has launched a new integrated internet platform for all its operations including Sportamore , the sporting goods e-tailer that it recently acquired, widening its presence to a total of 24 markets all over Europe. The platform also houses a couple of house brands, ...

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    Footway wants to buy a streetwear specialist


    The Footway Group , the increasingly international Swedish online shoe retailer that recently agreed to merge with Sportamore , wants to create a leading platform for e-commerce in sports and fashion by also acquiring an online retailer of streetwear and sneakers, Californian Roots , or Caliroots for short. Caliroots ...

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    Footway slows down


    Footway , the Swedish e-commerce site, continues to grow with increased sales and good profitability, but its growth has slowed. Sales in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 308.4 million (€29.3m-$31.7m), an increase of 16.7 percent. They grew by 30.4 percent for the year to SEK 990.9 million (€94.0m-$101.9m). ...