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    Footway widens e-commerce for its brands to 24 markets


    Footway , the international Swedish-based shoe e-tailer, has launched a new integrated internet platform for all its operations including Sportamore , the sporting goods e-tailer that it recently acquired, widening its presence to a total of 24 markets all over Europe. The platform also houses a couple of house brands, ...

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    Footway wants to buy a streetwear specialist


    The Footway Group , the increasingly international Swedish online shoe retailer that recently agreed to merge with Sportamore , wants to create a leading platform for e-commerce in sports and fashion by also acquiring an online retailer of streetwear and sneakers, Californian Roots , or Caliroots for short. Caliroots ...

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    Footway slows down


    Footway , the Swedish e-commerce site, continues to grow with increased sales and good profitability, but its growth has slowed. Sales in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 308.4 million (€29.3m-$31.7m), an increase of 16.7 percent. They grew by 30.4 percent for the year to SEK 990.9 million (€94.0m-$101.9m). ...