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    Tamaris launches an online store in Russia


    Tamaris , the shoe brand owned by the Wortmann Group , has launched an online store in Russia to support growing sales in the country. The opening of a digital store comes after a successful marketing campaign for the spring-summer season and a rapid development of offline sales, the ...

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    Tamaris wins German Brand Award


    Tamaris has won the German Design Council ’s annual German Brand Award in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation” category for its Fashletics collection. The brand has credited the ad agency Men at Work for its “conceptual support.” Marlena Hanke , head of creation at ...

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    Tamaris introduces single-pair delivery from spring/summer 2021


    Tamaris , the shoe brand owned by the Wortmann Group , will allow dealers within the European Union the possibility of reordering individual pairs, beginning with the spring/summer 2021 season. The service called “Endless Aisle” already underwent a pilot phase with Tamaris system partners. It is available only for ...

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    Tamaris launches international marketing campaign


    Tamaris , the shoe brand owned by the Wortmann group, has launched an international online marketing campaign under the hashtag #weristjulia (#whoisjulia). Julia is one of the most common first names in Europe among people aged 20 to 39. Tamaris estimates that 17 million women in Germany wear Tamaris shoes ...