A bankruptcy trustee has defined the structure of the sale and the starting price for the auction of some of Lones' the assets of Lones, the Italian company that makes Fly Flot shoes at a factory in the province of Brescia. A single lot will go for sale at a starting price of €7.05 million. This lot comprises Moldovan Lones Mol, which owns Fly Flot Srl; Lones' credits toward Fly Flot; the unsold inventories and the other assets owned by Lones to the exclusion of the land and the buildings. Leon Fly, a company that belongs to the Migliorati brothers, founders of Lones itself, and Condor Trade, the parent company of Inblu, have both reportedly showed interest in the transaction. They have one month to prepare themselves for the possible auction. A few months ago, one of the Migliorati brothers had told us that his family wanted to keep manufacturing Fly Flot shoes in Italy in contrast with the position of Condor Trade, which makes all its shoes in low-cost countries.