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Need to Know

Fiera Milano

C-suite interview: Covid has highlighted the importance of trade fairs

2022-12-07T14:20:00+00:00By Philip Webster

The Covid-19 outbreak demonstrated that digital solutions “on their own” could not replace trade shows canceled due to the pandemic, noted Luca Palermo, the chief executive of Fiera Milano, which manages the Rho exhibition hall as well as exhibition pavilions in Milan and the Allianz MiCo convention center. The Italian ...

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Latest Case Studies

  • logo callaghan

    How Dirty Harry helped a Spanish shoemaker conquer the world from his garage

    By Michele Novaga

    Like Steve Jobs, Basilio García Pérez-Aradros started his business in a garage. For seven years, every day from early in the morning until late at night, he worked on his dream that started in the late sixties: that of producing quality shoes with traditional craftsmanship to sell them all over ...

  • harrison-fitts-VXHqJN52K6s-unsplash

    How reshoring to Spain is being hampered by labor and capacity shortage

    By Giovanni Vegezzi

    Demand to reshore footwear manufacturing from Asia to Southern Europe, and especially to Spain, is growing, but the Iberian country is lacking the capacity needed to significantly boost production, while exports of Spanish made shoes are back to pre-pandemic levels.

  • Rerum

    ​How Italian manufacturers are crossing the Rubicon to preserve their industry

    By Michele Novaga

    A group of Italian shoemakers and components manufacturers located in San Mauro Pascoli have decided to join forces and create a consortium called Rerum, which starts for Rete Rubicone Moda, to preserve the cluster’s supply chain. Rubicone, or Rubicon in English, is the name of a nearby river famously crossed ...

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