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Footwear sales volumes, prices expected to rise in the coming months


The volume of footwear and the prices of shoes are expected to increase over the next six months, according to a survey of experts published in the latest Business Condition Survey of World Footwear done in collaboration with Shoe Intelligence.

  • Global vegan footwear market forecast to reach $300bn in 2030

    The vegan footwear market is expected to reach $300.19 billion by 2030 from $156.89 billion in 2020, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.8 percent, according to a report published by Allied Market Research.

  • noah-buscher-x8ZStukS2PM-unsplash

    Companies must be sincere in promoting sustainability or risk a backlash

    With consumers demanding more sustainable and equitable products and being increasingly aware of corporate greenwashing, footwear brands must be authentic in marketing sustainable goods. Otherwise their communication strategy may backfire, trend forecasting company WGSN warned during a couple of webinars organized by the Italian trade fair Expo Riva Schuh.

  • Belarus may face a shoe shortage

    Nike, Lamoda, Sportmaster and Detsky Mir have notified the Belarusian government about a possible suspension of shoe exports to the country due to problems with a local labelling system that was introduced on Nov. 1.

More Data & Analysis

  • u.power

    C-Suite interview: ​U-Power bides its times for an IPO as it continues to grow

    2021-12-02T10:01:00+00:00By Giovanni Vegezzi

    In July 2021, U-Power pulled the plug on an initial public offering (IPO) because the Italian group, which specializes in safety footwear and workwear, was unsatisfied with market evaluations. The company is waiting for better market conditions to go public while it continues to expand in Europe.

  • Bart van Helvoirt - UFG (1)

    C-Suite interview: UFG plans to continue expanding its brand portfolio

    2021-10-18T08:48:00+01:00By Philip Webster

    The Dutch company Unlimited Footwear Group (UFG) is in talks regarding the possible acquisition of two brands and of a license agreement. Any deal is expected to be struck by the end of the year, Bart van Helvoirt, co-founder and CEO of UFG, explains in an interview with Shoe Intelligence.

  • Rohde

    C-Suite interview: Rohde launches its B2C business in Germany

    2021-10-04T08:10:00+01:00By Philip Webster

    On Sept. 17, Rohde launched its business-to-consumer (B2C) online platform for the German market. In November 2020, the German footwear company’s business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce service had already come on stream and it currently manages 30 percent of re-orders, or about 8 percent of overall sales.

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