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Coats buys Renoflex and becomes a footwear component giant

2022-08-11T13:07:00+01:00By Philip Webster

Hot on the heels of the acquisition of Texon, a U.S. provider of footwear solutions, Coats announced the takeover of Rhenoflex, a German manufacturer of structural material solutions for the footwear industry. The back-to-back acquistions have turned the British industrial thread manufacturer into a significant supplier of components for the ...

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  • footwear generic

    Global footwear prices are expected to rise significantly due to higher costs

    On average, global shoe prices will increase by 8.4 percent over the next six months, with a maximum rise of 9.8 percent forecast for Europe and a minimum surge of 5.7 percent expected in North America, according to a survey of experts published in the latest Business Condition Survey of ...

  • yiorgos-ntrahas-lp8ZlyAZjy8-unsplash

    Brazilian, Indian footwear stocks outperform in a weak environment

    In the first quarter of 2022, the share prices of footwear companies fell sharply, tracking global equity markets lower. But, the Indian and Brazilian companies that we monitor for our stock performance survey outperformed their peers over the period.

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    Brazilian exports at their highest since 2011

    In February 2022, Brazilian footwear exports rose by 36.2 percent in volume to 13.58 million pairs and by 75.5 percent in value to $108 million, according to data released by the Brazilian footwear association, Abicalçados. In the first two months of 2022, exports rose by 40 percent in volume to ...

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