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  • Kantar

    Kantar Media Reactions study 2021 sees local advertising strong besides digital channels


    Research and consulting agency Kantar has just released its Media Reactions 2021 study, informed by the opinions of over 14,500 consumers covering over 290 brands in 23 markets and 900 senior marketers worldwide. The report gives some interesting insight into the changes in the media landscape reflected by the popularity ...

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    Counterfeiting still prevails in Russian fashion purchases


    In 2020, the Russian market for counterfeit luxury clothing, footwear, and accessories decreased by 12 percent, to 248 billion rubles (€2.87bn-$3.37bn). But, the legal market for premium brands remains smaller, being estimated at only 234 billion rubles (€2.71bn-$3.18bn), and experienced a stronger decline, falling by 15 percent, a research conducted ...

  • rafaela-biazi-0mfj0jJt0dY-unsplash

    Brazilian exports rise by a third in volume


    In the first half of 2021, Brazilian footwear exports rose by 17.7 percent in value to $389 million and by 32.3 percent in volume to 57 million pairs compared with the previous year when trade was depressed by the Covid-19 outbreak, according to data released by the local footwear association ...

  • yiorgos-ntrahas-mcAUHlGirVs-unsplash

    Stocks of footwear firms benefit from the re-opening of the economy in Q2


    In the second quarter, stocks of footwear companies were generally higher as they benefited from the reopening of the economy, following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, and a subsequent rebound in the consumption of clothing and shoes. Large U.S. footwear companies, which had already posted strong gains in the ...

  • rupixen-com-Q59HmzK38eQ-unsplash

    Big business on social media: Where digital natives shop


    The plain “Buy now”-button seems to be a thing of the past. Online shopping is reducing friction, getting more intuitive, more fluid – and more social. “Social commerce” – or “social shopping” – is the fastest-growing distribution channel worldwide. Shoppable posts and stories allow brands and users to tag specific ...

  • launchpresso-h5iazR-wljU-unsplash

    Blockchain technology: hype or helpful?


    Blockchain technology (BT) is generally associated with cryptocurrencies, but it is rapidly being adopted in other sectors to streamline bureaucracy and foster transparency. In February 2019, the Italian industry ministry announced plans to set up, jointly with the computer giant IBM , a national scheme using BT to guarantee the ...

  • tech-daily-ztYmIQecyH4-unsplash

    Stocks of U.S. footwear companies rebound sharply in Q1


    The shares of the American footwear companies rebounded sharply in the first quarter of 2021 as the sector recovers from the market turbulence caused last year by the Covid-19 pandemic. American footwear companies are benefiting, like the rest of the equity market, from cheap and abundant money provided by ...

  • Chinese footwear worker

    Global footwear consumption seen up 2.8% in 2021


    Global footwear consumption is expected to rise by 2.8 percent in volume this year as the market recovers from losses posted last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a projection established from the answers of a panel of experts for the latest Business Condition Survey of World ...

  • eden-constantino-uA-hJ_mGkEQ-unsplash

    The post-Covid world will pose new challenges


    The pandemic has acted as a strongly disruptive force in the global economy, triggering significant shifts in production processes, supply chain management, shopping habits and customer relations across many sectors, including the footwear and leather goods sector. These topics and the broader post-Covid globalisation process were discussed in the ...

  • News briefs

    Delay in Covid vaccinations may cost EU €123bn


    The delay that the European Union is experiencing in its Covid-19 vaccination campaign may cost the bloc €123 billion in lost economic activity in 2021, according to credit insurance company Euler Hermes . The EU is currently seven weeks behind its vaccination program, compared with a five-week delay in ...

  • habib-ayoade-uWfOa8brybM-unsplash

    U.K.-EU trade heavily affected by Brexit, worse may be ahead


    Brexit has complicated life for merchants in the European Union exporting to the U.K., which highlights new paperwork requirements, higher administrative costs, delivery delays and uncertainty about what the rules of the game are now that the U.K. is no longer a member of the single market since Jan. 1. ...

  • footwear generic

    Stocks of footwear companies fell by 16.3% in 2020


    Well functioning financial markets are providers of information and signals. We are analyzing last year’s performance of footwear companies, but also of luxury goods and e-commerce companies with a strong footwear component, to see how markets perceived some of the key players of our industry.

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    French shoe retailers suffer 27.5% drop in 2020 sales


    Going through two Covid-related lockdowns, French specialty retailers saw their average sales decline by 18 percent in 2020, although their online turnover jumped by 80 percent for the year, including a growth of 85 percent in December, according to their trade association, Procos . Shoe retailers suffered the biggest ...

  • footwear generic

    Italian shoe makers hit by Christmas shopping restrictions


    The Italian footwear association Assocalzaturifici warned that restrictive measures introduced over the Christmas shopping period in various countries to combat the propagation of the Covid-19 virus will have “serious repercussions” on an already weakened industry. In Italy, the government had to reintroduce restrictions with the resurgence of cases and ...

  • Diversity - Priscilla Du Preez - unsplash

    Diversity and inclusion are a growing corporate issue


    In 2020, the year of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, diversity and inclusion burst onto the public agenda. The theme has emerged on companies’ radars, too. Diversity and inclusion are increasingly criteria by which companies are evaluated. And, while some footwear and sportswear brands have come under fire for ...

  • Mido picture

    How Covid-19 has impacted companies’ trade show budgets


    It has become commonplace to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically accelerated trends that were already underway with the digitalization of the economy and society in general. Trade shows have been one the sectors most affected by the phenomenon as restrictions on travel and mass events worldwide prompted ...

  • Article

    Fashion industry sales may return to pre-Covid levels late 2022


    The global fashion industry is expected to suffer a 15-30 percent decline in sales this year and is not expected to return to 2019 levels until at least the third quarter of 2022, according “The State of Fashion 2021”, a new report by Business of Fashion and McKinsey ...

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    Global footwear market to grow 2% a year to 2024 - Technavio


    The global footwear market is expected to grow by an annual average of over 2 percent in the period running from 2020 to 2024, according to a report published by the research and advisory company Technavio . The increase would add $42.1 billion to the market’s overall size. It ...

  • Euler Hermes

    A quarter of European firms need support or face a cash shortage in 2021


    About a quarter of companies in the Eurozone will need more government support in 2021 to avert a cash-flow crisis, according to the French credit insurance company Euler Hermes . “The first wave of Covid-19 lockdowns caused a stronger-than-expected profitability shock for most European non-financial corporate” during the first ...

  • Harrods
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    Britons started Christmas shopping in October


    Britons started their Christmas shopping early this year, according to data released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) . In October, retail sales volumes increased by 1.2 percent in the U.K. when compared with September, marking the sixth consecutive month of growth. The increased reached 6.4 percent for ...