A federal court in Illinois has ordered a permanent injunction against 3,007 Chinese-based websites that were selling counterfeit Ugg Australia products. It also awarded Deckers Outdoor Corporation, owner of Uggs and the plaintiff in the lawsuit, $686 million in damages. The judge, acknowledging that it was unlikely that Deckers would get that money because the offenders are in China, also granted the company some funds in hundreds of accounts linked to the sites, including PayPal accounts. Deckers was granted control of each of the illegal websites and redirected them all to a site that informed customers of the previous fraud. Deckers is aggressive in it anti-counterfeit actions; since last year, it has filed six lawsuits giving it control over 6,000 web domains and freezing more than a million dollars in linked financial accounts. Last year, more than 834,000 fake Ugg products and another 3 million components were seized in raids.