A group of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) supporters poured buckets of black “toxic slime” over their heads at London Fashion Week, to call attention to the harmful waste generated by the leather industry – represented by that “toxic slime.” Text on the buckets read “Dump Leather” and “Leather Is a Dirty Business.” According to PETA, more than a billion animals are killed for leather each year. The animal rights group reiterated that leather is “the most environmentally damaging material” – as confirmed by the 2017 “Pulse of the Fashion Industry” report, published by the Global Fashion Agenda in collaboration with The Boston Consulting Group – due to the intensive use of water, the deforestation and the greenhouse-gas emissions involved in its production. The demand for leather also fuels the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, as many of the fires burning in Brazil's Amazon rainforest are believed to be set by cattle ranchers.