A new Italian federation for fashion products and personal accessories, FIAMP, is due to start up in 2005. It will incorporate the Italian industry associations of footwear manufacturers, leathergoods manufacturers, goldsmiths and eyewear manufacturers - respectively ANCI, AIMPES, Federorafi and ANFAO. They all belong to Confindustria, the umbrella organization of the Italian industry and represent a total of around 1,500 companies. If the national tanners’ and components’ associations, UNIC and UNAC, also confirm their participation, the total number of Italian firms represented by the new interest group will rise to 2,000. The official establishment of the new federation should take place when the board of Confindustria meets on Jan. 20. A chairman and a secretary general will be appointed from those already in office in the member federations, and the executive committee will be made up from other serving chairmen. One of the new federation’s objectives will be to draw up and implement a series of services common to all members. FIAMP will thus be in a position to represent the accessory sector with greater weight both Italy and in the European Union, working through lobbyists in Rome and in Brussels.