Two Danish children's fashion companies, Brands4Kids and the Utoft Kids Group, will merge on Jan. 1, 2020, under the name Brands4Kids. Their combination will create one of Scandinavia's largest kid's clothing companies, with a strong presence also in the footwear sector.

Both businesses are doing well and growing. The merger follows the recent acquisition of two children's brands – Color Kids and Kilmanock – from a Danish company, Active Sportswear, that also operates in the sporting goods sector.

The new company's portfolio will consist of nine children's brands with offerings for ages 0 to 14: CeLaVi, Color Kids, Creamie, En Fant, Fixoni, Me Too, Minymo, Nordic Label and Pippi.

The companies' administrative functions such as sales, marketing, design and purchasing will be merged in Brands4Kids' headquarters in Ikast, while the Utoft Kids Group's head office in Give will continue to act as a warehouse and logistics center.

Erik Andreæ will be the chief executive of the group. Together with Michael Nederby, who will serve as sales manager, Andreæ bought a company founded in 1946 by Martin Kragh and has since developed it into Brands4Kids, multiplying its turnover five times over since 2006.

Claus Utoft has become the head of sourcing and private label. He is the son of the founder of the Utoft Kids Group, which not only specializes in baby wear and kidswear, but also has a broad range of shoes. It is especially popular for its lightweight molded boots made from Megol.