Benefiting from the cancellation of Bread & Butter, all the other trade show in Berlin performed well last month. B&B held a small show at its own headquarters, hosting 45 brands, including some suppliers to its own 14oz. retail stores, and said it plans to go back to the former Tempelhof airport on July 2-4 with a redesigned trade show, with clearer segmentation by target group and more attractive pricing. It will run from Thursday to Sunday.

One of the reasons is that B&B has a long-term contractual arrangement with the city of Berlin for use of Tempelhof as its fairgrounds. B&B's insolvency is not affecting the contract, but it has placed a temporary freeze on the money that exhibitors had advanced to book space for the previously planned January edition.

With about 1,800 collections by 1,000 exhibitors, including several shoe brands, the simultaneous Premium trade show reported strong attendance at its Jan. 19-21 edition, especially during the first two days, with 68 percent of the visitors coming from outside Germany. The number of visitors grew by 20 percent to more than 50,000 at Panorama Berlin, with a major increase in the number of foreign buyers. Very good scores were also recorded at smaller exhibitions like Bright, Seek, Show & Order, the Green Showroom and the Ethical Fashion Show.

The various fashion fairs in Berlin offered joint ticketing to facilitate the buyers' work. Meanwhile, one of the founders of Premium, Norbert Tillmann, has sold his stake in the fair to a Dutch investor, Waterland Private Equity, and acquired a stake in Panorama. He and Anita Tillmann, who remains head of Premium, had contributed to the development of Panorama since January 2013.