A recruitment agency will soon begin a search for a permanent successor to Fabio Aromatici, the dynamic multi-lingual manager who has been running the Italian shoe industry association for the past six years, Assocalzaturifici, and its trade shows. Pending the new appointment, two other managers are taking over his functions on an interim basis. Eugenia Girotti, a veteran of the Assocalzaturifici who has been for many years in charge of training and special projects, has been appointed managing director on an interim basis, starting from July 1. Adriano Sartor, general manager of Stonefly, is raising his personal involvement in Assocalzaturifici by running Anciservizi, the division of the association that provides various services to its members and runs its trade show, TheMicam. A press release recalls that, after launching TheMicam Shanghai, in association with Fieramilano, Anciservizi wants to start a similar show in New York.