Aeffe, parent company of Pollini, revised the net profit reported for 2007 upwardly to €15.3 million from the €12.9 million announced with its preliminary results in February thanks to a tax and accounting reform introduced this year. In 2006, the net profit totalled €8.0 million. The company confirmed that sales rose by 10.2 percent to €293.2 million. The increase reached 13.4 percent at constant exchange rates and excluding the effect of the termination of the Narciso Rodriguez license. By brand, sales rose by 19.4 percent to €63.0 million for Alberta Ferretti, by 9.0 percent to €136.9 million for Moschino, 9.2 percent to €52.3 million for Pollini, and by 10.3 percent to €23.7 million for Jean Paul Gaultier, while other revenues fell by 6.0 percent to €17.3 million. Despite increasing uncertainty regarding the global economic situation, the company expects turnover to continue its ascent this year, with net profits growing at a faster rate.