After opening the new European head office in Amsterdam at the start of July last year, the Red Wing Shoe Company is expanding its operations in Europe, while providing better customer service. The office, which is run by Gabor Majar, has been taking care mainly of the heritage division of Red Wing Shoes. Matthijs van Meurs is in charge of sales in the Netherlands and supervising sales to all Red Wing stores in Europe. Esther Meerenga manages the Europe office and Wytse Hylkema is the European marketing manager. With the help of the new office, Red Wing Shoes has been able to increase its presence in Scandinavia and France and to work more through events and other marketing activities. A series of events was launched in Europe in January. The event series “Memoirs – Good Old Boots” started on Jan. 23 in the Red Wing Shoe store in Berlin and will be followed by events in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Frankfurt. With the help of the new office, Red Wing Shoes can provide better customer service and better expand the brand in European markets.