After three tough years, Car Shoe, the Italian accessory brand founded in 1963 in which Prada took a 51 percent stake in 2001, has become profitable as this year's sales are expected to reach double the €3.1 million clocked up in 2003. The women’s collection, which was launched three seasons ago, now generates 70 percent of the turnover. The management is finalizing the business plan for that puts particular emphasis on developing sales through multi-brand stores, which currently account for 90 percent of Car Shoe’s turnover. By Spring 2005 Car Shoe will be present in over 300 outlets worldwide, plus two directly-owned concept stores in Capri and Milan. While 70 percent of business is done in Europe – mainly in Italy, followed by Spain, Germany, France and the UK – the company is now ready to develop sales in the USA and in other markets such as Australia, the Arab Emirates, Russia and the Middle East.