Alberto Raengo, an Italian manager who was formerly behind the resurrection of Blauer and RefrigiWear, apparently enjoys reviving brands. Raengo was also behind the recent relaunch of Holubar, an American mountaineering brand that put together a small chain in the 1960s, was sold to Johnson Wax in about 1975 and was sold again in 1981 to The North Face, which phased out the name. Now, along with Régis Billard, founder of a Parisian marketing agency, Raengo has acquired Autry, a sneaker brand from Dallas, Texas, that hasn't seen the light of day in 20 years. The plan is to start small. Autry has reissued a single unisex model of tennis shoes, manufactured with state-of-the-art techniques in Indonesia. The shoe is available in various types of leather, with a choice of either solid white or white with primary or pastel accents. According to Billard – whose agency will be handling the marketing and distribution – the shoe is aimed at well-to-do 25- to 45-year-olds. It retails at €140 per pair. Many other models in the brand's archives are ripe for reissue.