Aldo has its sights set on France. The Canadian footwear and accessories retailer opened two stores in France in late 2011 – one in La Défense, west of Paris, and one on Rue de Rivoli in the capital. It plans to speed up its development and to have 50 shops in the country within five years. The company already has a thousand boutiques in 67 countries. To help with its expansion in France, Aldo has reportedly enlisted Mercure International. The company signed an exclusive license with Aldo a year ago and has already established it with 17 locations in Tunisia, in French overseas territories, and in West Africa. It also plans to set up shop in Cameroon and Nigeria. The next French store will open in April in Lyon, but then Mercure plans to focus back on Paris again, opening a total of five stores in France by the end of this year. The stores, which measure 150-200 square meters, will be spread out in areas around Paris as well, and Mercure also plans to open in other large cities such as Bordeaux and Nice. An e-commerce site should be set up toward the end of this year or the beginning of 2013.