All the Tamaris stores that had been managed by the Tomorrow Group are being taken over by Wortmann, the parent company of Tamaris. These Tamaris stores are located in Minden, Dortmund, Paderborn and Magdeburg, plus four stores in Berlin. The chief executive of Wortmann, Jens Beining, claims that the switch will not alter Tamaris' strategy of growing by means of partnerships. Today, there are 519 Tamaris franchises, 45 percent more than a year ago, and 35 percent are outside Germany. Transferring these eight Tamaris stores to other partners of Wortmann is not feasible economically, the company said. Wortmann is aiming to maintain the existing structure of the stores and to keep all of their employees. Many stores belonging to the Tomorrow Group have been financially unstable, and insolvency proceedings have already been initiated. Due to the sudden death in September of Ronald Möller, owner of the Tomorrow Group, the question of the future of the Tamaris stores managed by the group came up and had to be answered quickly.