Altagamma, the Italian luxury brand committee, organized on Nov. 26 the fifth edition of the Altagamma Day at Montecitorio, the palace in Rome that is the seat of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The organization presented to members of the Italian government a document highlighting the need for close collaboration between the private and public sectors to promote the consumption of Italian luxury products globally, with a goal to raise it by 50 percent over the next ten years. The luxury sector employs more than 500,000 people in Italy. Altagamma has formulated specific proposals for possible action in each of the critical areas it has spotted which include, among others, the limited size of the businesses and the weakness of the retail sector in the country. The organization has also proposed the creation of a strategic Altagamma board (Tavolo Strategico dell'Industria Altagamma) composed of representatives of Fondo Strategico Italiano, Fondo Italiano d'Investimento, Fondazione Altagamma, and with the participation of leaders from the main companies in the sector. This “board” would operate as a control room for the strategic alliance between public and private actors around the promotion of Italian luxury products throughout the world.