An Italian charity initiative, “Anche con i Piedi si Può Dare una Mano” (You can also lend a hand with your feet) has collected 21,500 pairs of shoes from five footwear manufacturers for children in Malawi. A further 26 companies have made financial contributions, funding the construction of 10 kindergartens and 10 health centers in the country. The initiative has also helped 465 children, distributed 2,000 kilograms of food and planted 400 trees. The project is now aiming to create seven communal vegetable plots as well as small pens for courtyard animals, restructure 14 communal bathrooms, provide drinking water for four schools and restructure 10 school rooms to make them accessible to disabled students. The program was created two years ago by the Italian footwear association, Assocalzaturifici, and a humanitarian organization, Humana People to People Italia.