An old factory could bring some new life to the footwear industry in Romans, the former shoe town in southeastern France, with some help from the local government. The departmental authorities approved a €12,000 grant last month for the Romans Leather Hub (Pôle Cuir de Romans), an association that has started buying raw materials and relocating machinery from a company in Tours that recently closed. The group is taking all the materials to a former factory of the footwear brand Stéphane Kelian in Romans in the hopes of turning it into a footwear center where new designers will have workspace to make shoes, garments, leathergoods and other accessories. It might even be the site of the launch of a new footwear brand named after the association. The total budget of the project is €120,000; the Pôle Cuir de Romans had already raised €70,000 before the governmental grant.