The long-standing project of an all-Italian multi-brand shoe store in Moscow is now scheduled to become a reality by next February. The central Italian government is going to contribute one-third of the €900,000 budget for this new consumer-oriented initiative. The regions of Marche, Apulia and Tuscany should contribute another third, and their approval is expected before the end of September. The other third will come from 24 participating shoe manufacturers.

If the initiative turns out to be successful, it will likely be duplicated in St. Petersburg, followed by Shanghai and by a location in the USA. T Leader, an Italian trading company specialized in the Russian market who helped to launch Trussardi and Stefanel there, is acting as a partner and a consultant in the Moscow project.

The industrial partners are all specialized in the medium and upper-medium segments of the men’s and women’s footwear market. They include the companies of the present and former presidents of ANCIFratelli Soldini and Pakerson, both from Tuscany – and some well-known firms such as Alberto Gozzi, Baracchino, Mafra or Filanto. Numerous other companies come from the Ascoli Piceno district of the Marche region - Cardigan, Giusti, Lori, L.P., Tombolini, R.D.B., Romit, M.B.M. Bagatto, Mareba and Spring - and other districts of the region such as London, Giovanni Fabiani, Marino Fabiani, Kelton and Redwood. Other participants are Taccetti of Montelupo Fiorentino (Florence), Gemini of S. Maria a Monte (Pistoia) and Jeannot’s of Molfetta (Bari).

It will be interesting to see how all these companies will be able to co-exist in the 300-square-meter Moscow store under the same roof. The project is described by ANCI as an evolution of its expensive «I love Italian Shoes» advertising program, which it launched a couple of years ago, using in part its windfall profits from the successful MICAM fair.