Anci, Italy's national footwear association, headed to South Africa last week with several companies in collaboration with ICE of Johannesburg. The visit was part of a lab promoting Asia and emerging countries, and was to allow Anci and its members to gain a wider understanding of the Johannesburg and the South African market, and to show off Made in Italy footwear. Collections were on display from fall/winter 2012-13 and spring/summer 2013. The workshop included meetings with local businesses and the opportunity to set up direct mailing activities. The Italian companies that participated were Borgioli Fratelli, Brunate, Cerutti, Eder Shoes, Emozioni, Evado – Multi Moda, Gianfranco Lucentini – Florian's, Gianna Meliani, Giorgio Piergentili, Giovanni Fabiani, Luca Nencioni Joyks, Luzzi, Marino Fabiani, Mokas, Naturino - Moschino, Nila & Nila, and Valentino Orlandi.