The executive board of ANCI, Italy’s powerful shoe industry association, has approved the designation of a new secretary general who will take over the reins next October. The name of this 40-year-old manager, who is currently involved in Confindustria, the Italian employers’ federation, will not be made public until ANCI’s annual general meeting on June 9.

It will not be easy for him to replace Leonardo Soana, the extremely smart and diplomatic manager who has acted as its secretary general for the last 25 years. Soana, who will be 65 years old next month, had asked to reduce his commitment to the association for personal reasons, although he is very close to its chairman, Vito Artioli.

ANCI, which is also the organizer of the successful MICAM trade show, brought in two new officials last November. Pier Paolo Chicco was appointed as marketing manager, assuming a function that had remained vacant for some time following the departure of Brigitte Bancher, now with the organizers of Expo Riva Schuh. At the same time Matteo Scarparo, another young official who had previously served in the wood industry, was appointed to assist Edoardo Bolis, another ANCI veteran who takes care of export promotion, and to take over his place when he retires one year from now.

Relations between ANCI and Confindustria will be further boosted if Cleto Sagripanti, the young chief executive of Manas, is elected as vice chairman of Confindustria and chairman of its youth section. He has already been chairman of ANCI’s young entrepreneurs' unit. ANCI has made a public expression of support for his election, inviting members to lobby in his favor among the regional bodies.