During its annual convention, held on June 22 in Mainhausen, the ANWR Group reported an increase of 3 percent to €7.8 billion in transactions through the group in 2013.

ANWR Schuh, ANWR Garant International (AGI) and the other directly managed buying groups recorded a combined increase of 4.1 percent to €2.4 billion, with gains of 1.7 percent in footwear and 9.6 percent in sporting goods. There was no increase in leathergoods. In the first five months of this year, the directly managed buying groups recorded an increase of 6.5 percent.

Geographically, these groups had increases of 3.7 percent in Germany, 10.4 percent in the Netherlands, 2.8 percent in Belgium and 14.9 percent in France. The growth in the Netherlands was largely due to a merger with the local Fairplay organization. Conversely, there were declines of 3.1 percent in Switzerland, 5.1 percent in Austria, 0.8 percent in Scandinavia and 17.1 percent in Eastern Europe.

ANWR's financial services segment reported an increase of 2.5 percent. The transactions grew especially in the German, Dutch, Belgian and French markets.

The operating profit of the group rose by 3.1 percent to €7 million and the group ended with equity of €106 million, or 16.1 percent of the balance sheet. Profits come after bonuses given to the members. At ANWR Schuh, they amount to 60 percent of what ANWR gets from its suppliers.


The new 01 order center, which was completed last January, came through within the frame of the estimated investment budget of about €15 million.

After a successful cooperative advertising agreement with Skechers in June 2013, ANWR extended the cooperation for an additional TV campaign launched in April and July this year. Skechers financed the promotion in exchange for sizable orders from ANWR's retail members. Four additional TV campaigns in a similar format have already been arranged for the first half of 2015.

The next big issue for the ANWR Group will be the upgrading of its logistics in order to improve the on-time delivery of shoes and the optimization of inventories in the stores.

Three members were reelected and two new members joined the supervisory board on June 22. By the next general assembly, scheduled be held on June 21-23, 2015 in Prague, the supervisory board will be extended to 12 members.