Ariston-Nord-West-Ring (ANWR) reports an increase of more than €200 million in its total central settlements to €2,383.8 million for the first half ended last June 30. Its footwear retail unit, ANWR Schuh, contributed with a 6 percent gain. The sporting goods segment, represented by Sport 2000, fell by 3 percent because of a disastrous winter season (more in Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe). Most of the overall increase came from the settlements operated in behalf of third parties by its two banks, DZB Bank and Aktivbank, which grew by 13 percent.

The number of affiliated retail stores went up, too, rising by 17 doors in the footwear sector and by 21 in the sporting goods sector. Furthermore, one of the ANWR members is setting up the first dedicated store for one of the group’s exclusive brands, You Know, in Berlin’s Europa Center. This and other exclusive high-margin shoe collections, which were previously reserved to only a few selected members, are now being placed at the disposal of all the retail members.

ANWR indicates that some new projects will be launched in the second half of this year. The first «FootFit Points,» equipped with a special foot scanner, will be installed in several stores from the month of August. A new mobile online ordering system will start its pilot phase in August, allowing retailers to enter data on the shoe styles they select while they visit ANWR’s showrooms.

Meanwhile ANWR’s BestPartner program continues to yield excellent results. Currently involving more than 300 shoe shops, it is expected to generate sales of nearly €190 million for the current Spring/Summer season, compared with only €51 million three years ago. Supported by strong marketing and advertising, its blue logo has become one of the top 20 banners in the shoe sector in Germany in terms of consumers’ recognition.