Ariston-Nord-West-Ring reached a total turnover of €5.1 billion in 2006, thanks largely to the acquisition of Aktivbank, which contributed revenues of €2.5 billion. Excluding Aktivbank, ANWR’s central settlements increased by about 12 percent, with a 1.1 percent increase in the footwear segment, ANWR Schuh. That was partly due to the affiliation of around 70 new members – 59 from Germany and 4 from the Netherlands - who were previously with Garant Schuh + Mode. ANWR had a total of 1,738 retail members at the end of 2006, operating 3,794 stores. Out of those 1,280 retail partners with 3,050 stores are based in Germany. ANWR Schuh has reached the goal of enlisting 300 of its members into a «Best Partner» program, and it is eyeing 350 members by the end of this year. Roland Schwerdtfeger, who is set to replace the retiring Joachim Siebert as president of ANWR in June, doesn’t exclude possible new acquisitions, considering that the company has an equity ratio of 75 percent.