At the SIPIEL International Leather Week in Madrid last March 23-25, which hosted the Modacalzado shoe show and the Iberpiel Marroquineria leather fair, 20 percent of the visitors came from outside of Spain and this number has been on the rise. A total of 18,677 visitors were counted, as compared to 18,960 for the year-ago edition. Of the total, 15,797 came from Spain. More than 1,400 of the 2,880.foreign visitors were from Portugal. The most significant increases in foreign attendance came from the countries of Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Gabon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Lebanon and New Zealand. In its 22nd edition, the entire fair spanned 33,700 square meters, with its footwear portion measuring 29,000 sqm.. The recent fair had nearly 600 footwear companies – more or less the same amount as the year-ago edition - and 80 percent of them export their products.