Continuing its long-standing partnership with Desma, Atlas Schuhfabrik has invested in a new fully automated system from the German direct injection specialist to meet increasing demand. Atlas, a supplier of safety footwear based in Dortmund, Germany, overhauled its production capacity in January by installing the biggest rotary table ever delivered by Desma for direct soling of safety shoes, accompanied by a real-time data analytics solution.

The automated system, known as Amir (automated material supply with integrated robots), features 36 stations and seven robots. As the material progresses, robots perform individual steps such as roughening uppers, placing steel soles, applying release agents, trimming sole edges and “pick and place.”

Desma describes the system as its largest and most modern direct soling machine. Until the upgrade, Atlas primarily used rotary tables with up to 30 stations. The new system is running six days a week and producing 3,000 pairs every 24 hours. It is expected to increase the efficiency and flexibility of production as well as the degree of precision at the individual work stages.

Founded in 1910 by Johannes Schabsky, the family owned Atlas Schuhfabrik has 1,500 employees and produces 12,000 pairs per day and 2.4 million pairs annually. Desma has had a partnership with the company stretching back 40 years from the end of the 1970s. The new rotary table is the seventh machine that Atlas has purchased from Desma. 

Atlas has also implemented Desma's web-based “Smart Shopfloor,” which continually collects all machine and operating data and presents it in real time over standard web browsers or even via smartphones. The stored data enables customers to obtain information about the orders they have placed at any time, while providing the management with an accurate overview of the production process, signaling any possible disruptions.