Atossa has launched a funding campaign on Kickstarter, the global crowdfunding platform for creative projects, to fund the development of its 3D printed high-heeled shoes. The people interested in the concept can receive a pair of Atossa's 3D printed shoes for an investment of $99. As reported by World Footwear, Atossa has worked on the project for more than a year, making various prototypes and conducting user testing. Shoes are printed in one piece and with minimum material usage - a bio-material obtained from natural resources such as corn, potatoes or sugar beets. The founder of Atossa, Behrad Ghodsi, who is originally from Iran and is now based in Rochester, New York, worked on the Atossa project as his thesis for a Master's in industrial design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has launched the Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise $103,068 by Jan. 17, 2016.