Bachi Shoes, the Indian manufacturer of children's shoes owned at 76 percent by the big Tata group, sold 2.25 million pairs of shoes in 2012 and expects to increase its sales volume to 2.6 million pairs in 2013. Bachi was able to increase its production capacity in 2011 by taking over the manufacturing activities of another Indian company, Salco, consisting of two units located in Ambur and Ranipet with a surface of 100,000 square feet. Since March 2012, Bachi has manufactured children's shoes for Clarks, the British shoe brand, which signed an agreement with the Future Group in India for the opening of Clarks stores in the country about a year ago. Clarks itself handles the distribution of its children's shoe collections in India. Bachi's export sales increased by 14 percent in 2012 to €40 million. Its upmarket Language chain of shoe stores, in which the company also sells some of the shoes it makes for Superfit and Stones & Bones, recorded sales of US$250,000 in 2012. For two months, Bachi has been selling the Language brand of men's shoes also through an Indian online shoe store, Myntra.