The Portuguese company has decided to outsource the manufacturing of its shoes, which are now made at 90 percent in-house, to concentrate on design, product development, quality control, sales and customer service. Basilius employs about 130 persons, only 20 of whom are not involved in production. A few workers will be retained to handle prototyping and small serial production and to help train workers in lower-cost countries such as Bulgaria or Turkey. There are no plans to make any leather shoes in China.

Basilius manufactures between 1,000 and 2,000 pairs a day under its own brand name and for various foreign clients such as Faith and River Island in the UK or certain mail order houses in Germany. The company reached sales of about €8 million last year. Nuno de Olivera, who runs the company, wants to deepen even further its partnership with major OEM clients, offering good margins along with a guarantee of quality and service in the supply of technically complex items.

For the moment, the development of these partnerships has a higher priority for him than than the development of its own Basilius brand. The company is making some new strides in the USA where its agent has sold about 50,000 pairs of a Spring/Summer 2005 collection sold under a different name and specifically designed for that market.