The Berkemann Group has acquired the brand name of Meisi and other assets of the German manufacturer of comfort shoes for women, which went into insolvency a few weeks ago. The brand had been suffering strong sales declines in Germany, although it was still growing in foreign markets such as Russia and Japan.

The production of Meisi shoes, which was taken place at Rinteln, will be integrated with that of other brands belonging to the German group in order to ensure deliveries for the autumn/winter 2013/14 season. They will thus continue to be made in Europe. Sales will be handled by the sales network of Solidus, another brand of comfort shoes owned by Berkemann.

Meisi had been taken over by its chief executive, Kurt G. Hermann, in a management buyout five years ago. Run by Thomas Bauerfeind, the Berkemann Group has already made other acquisitions in the recent past, the most important one of which was the takeover of Marc Shoes.