Benno Siebert, the former manager of Garant Schuh + Mode who had been assigned to run the Salamander chain of shoe stores, will no longer belong to its management following its recent takeover by Egana Goldpfeil. Norbert Breuer will continue to run the chain together with Albert Meyer, who is in charge of the collections. They will work together with Jürgen Holzschuh, who remains as finance manager of the parent company. A statement from the Hong Kong-based group confirms that it paid €36.2 million for the selected assets of Salamander that it has acquired, including €9 million for the rights to the Salamander brand and €15.7 million for the subsidiaries in Austria, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Poland and Russia. Martin Gantner, who has been running Salamander Austria, will now be in charge of all the 116 stores outside Germany, which had a higher net profit of €1.36 million last year on sales of €87 million. The German stores, which were cut back to 52 units, had a lower net loss of €900,000 on sales of €78 million.