Berluti, the manufacturer of luxury men's shoes owned by LVMH, has announced the construction of a new plant and a “shoemaking academy” in Ferrara, Northern Italy. The building site will be set up in 2012 and the structure is due to become operational in 2013.

Meanwhile, the French press is reporting the acquisition by LVMH of Arnys, a well-known workshop in Paris for tailored men's wear, with an annual turnover estimated at around €10 million. Founded in 1933, the brand caters to numerous French politicians and other celebrities. Arnys' boutique on the rue de Sèvres is set to be renamed Berluti, according to the reports.

Bernard Arnault, president and chief executive of LVMH, has placed his son Antoine at the head of Berluti, with the intention of turning the brand into a major factor in the high end of the men's market. Berluti's moves are being closely followed by PPR, which recently bought Brioni. The Italian men's wear brand has not yet announced the development of a footwear line, but it is starting to add some eyewear to its range of accessories.