Bernard Lefresne, who quit Arche earlier this year, has become the general agent of Thierry Rabotin for France, the UK, the Benelux countries and Japan, where he has many contacts. He is also giving a big hand to Hirica, a French producer with an annual volume of 500,000 pairs a year, to spice up its collection with some trendier models and to set up a sales network in the USA. A former general manager of Arche, Lefresne had returned to the French company at the beginning of 2003 to supervise product development and sales after spending 10 years at Mephisto. For Rabotin, a French designer based in Italy who started off at Robert Clergerie in 1978, the addition of Lefresne complements nicely his international sales network. One-third of the business under his own brand is now in the Germanic countries, one-third in Russia and one-third in the USA, where Rabotin has settled a judicial case with Taryn Rose, apparently in his own favor.