Bernd Hummel, the big German-based licensee of Pentland Brands for Kangaroos, has taken over the European license for Homeboy Loud Couture, an iconic German brand of streetwear that was taking care of its footwear line in-house. The first line developed by Bernd Hummel will be sold during the spring/summer 2019 season online and in footwear, sneaker and sporting goods stores all over Europe.

Founded in 1988, Homeboy became a well-known streetwear label in the 1990s, after a start-up in the skateboarding community. It was adopted by well-known sportsmen and musicians. It became famous for a nylon shirt and its baggy pants. Bernd Hummel's shoe collection is intended to reflect the brand's spirit from the ‘nineties.

In another new initiative, Bernd Hummel announced last month the launch of a special footwear line designed in collaboration with Jägermeister, the well-known German liquor. As a tribute to its logo, the line is produced at the company's shoe factory in Pirmasens and made with fine deer leather. It went on sale at selected German stores in mid-December.