Bianco Footwear has reported a sales decline for the eighth year in a row. The Danish footwear retailer's sales fell by a further 25 million Danish kroner (€3.3m-$3.8m) in 2017, leading to a total decline of almost DKK 200 million over the eight-year period (€26.8m-$30.5m). In 2016, Anders Holch Povlsen bought himself into Bianco with a cash injection of DKK 100 million (€13.4m-15.3m), which was used to restore the shoe chain's capital. During the past fiscal year, an additional DKK 14.9 million (€2.0m-$2.3m) was pumped into the company. However, Bianco's development has gone against the management's expectations. Recently, René Piper Laursen, who founded Bianco in 1987, was bought out of the company, leaving Holch Povlsen as the sole owner. At its peak, Bianco had 180 stores in four countries. Now, it only has 100 stores located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.