Birkenstock is moving its U.S. office back to its former 93-acre “campus” in Novato, California. The company has decided not to renew the lease on a building at the former Hamilton Air Force base not far away because it has become too small to accommodate all its staff, which has grown to about 100 people in the wake of the continuous strong growth of its business in the country, after a pause between 2007 and 2009. An additional 11 employees are being hired. The staff will use some of the former warehouse space in the Novato building, as most of its inventories are now concentrated in the new U.S. distribution center that Birkenstock opened in Kentucky a few years ago. Since last May, the U.S. subsidiary of Birkenstock has a new vice president of sales and marketing, Mitch Mahoney, who worked previously for Joseph Seibel, ECCO and Miller Brands.