Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms, is expecting to sell over 300,000 pairs of shoes this year, generating $13 million in sales, and to donate the same number of shoes to children in need. Mycoskie claims to have already donated 130,000 pairs of shoes in the U.S., Argentina, Ethiopia and South Africa. The entrepreneur has disclosed that his selling concept for his American casual footwear brand – for each pair sold one is given to charity – germinated during a holiday in Argentina in January 2006. It was on that trip that Mycoskie had the idea for his brand’s colorful espadrille designs. And, after encountering aid workers who had traveled to Argentina to distribute shoes to the needy, Mycoskie decided to give something back to the country that had inspired him. He is also working in Ethiopia toward eradicating podoconiosis, a deforming, swelling foot disease caused by walking barefoot in red-clay, silica-rich volcanic soil. Toms is giving durable shoes to all early-stage or at-risk children in Ethiopia’s hazardous areas. On the design front as part of its Style Your Sole designs, Toms started selling a limited-edition, hand-numbered design created by Mycoskie’s mother, Pam, in early May this year and sold 30 pairs on the first day. Toms produces collections for men, women and children, and is sold at over 500 stores worldwide; prices start at $44.