Bogner won the German Shoe Award 2012, which was given to the company during this year's GDS trade show in Düsseldorf. The award was won for the models Kitzbühel and St. Anton, combining functionality and fashion. Both models are from Bogner's third shoe collection, which will be available from autumn 2012 in the stores.

The third shoe collection, consisting of 200 pieces in total, was designed and produced by the Italian shoe manufacturer Cappelletti, which now holds the worldwide license for Bogner's shoe range. Bogner worked previously with another licensee, but was unsatisfied and looked for another company to take care of developing its shoe collections.

Rainer Zink, owner of the German company Shoe Mission, connected Bogner with Cappelletti. Until the end of the winter season 2011-12, Zink worked as sales agent for the company Müller & Meier, which holds the worldwide license for Porsche Design, and for Bogner's bags and shoe collections. After the winter season 2011-12, Zink continued working as sales agent for Bogner.

As Cappelletti produced the shoe collections for Porsche Design, which were distributed by Müller & Meier on an international level, Zink knew Cappelletti was well as the designer Mario Cisetti, who works for Cappelletti on a freelance basis. Cisetti designs shoes for Cappelletti's own brand, and from September 2010, Bogner's third shoe collection.

Zink brought Cappelletti, Cisetti and Bogner together. At the end of September 2010, Bogner signed the license agreement with Cappelletti for its following shoe collections.

Cappelletti also produces the shoe collections for Prada and Mont Clair, but doesn't hold the license for these brands. However, Cappelletti has worked with these companies for 10 years now. The same goes for Porsche Design and Puma 69h, which are also clients of the Italian shoe manufacturer.

Cappelletti also commercialized Guru's shoe collection in Italy. The shoe collections were imported from China and then only distributed by Cappelletti in Italy. Business with Guru was discontinued on Sept. 30, 2010.

Cappelletti assumes the distribution of Bogner's shoe collection on a global level. At the moment, Cappelletti sells Bogner shoes in Europe, Russia, the Far East and Korea. Shoe Mission signed a contract with Cappelletti for the distribution of Bogner's shoe collection in Germany and Russia. After two successful seasons, 30,000 pairs have been sold already in the premium segment.

The potential of the brand is very high in Eastern European markets and Russia, and production can be increased rapidly if the demand rises. Bogner and Cappelletti also plan to enter the Chinese market with its shoe collections. However, due to the fact that Bogner will be changing his partner in China during 2012, Cappelletti wants to waits until the new partner has been announced.