Bonaventure Shoes, an Indian shoe producer that is part of SSC Group, has opened a new design and development center in Chennai, using computer-aided design and other new equipment and grouping on the same location design, sample manufacturing and other operations that were previously dispersed among different sites. The company’s prototyping and sampling capacity has been increased for a quicker response time and to provide more flexibility in the choice of optional variations for the customers. While Bonaventure uses its own team of well-trained designers at its studio in Chennai, its most recent collection incorporates new functional comfort features, based on inputs from Italy and Portugal. Some of the models can be viewed on the company’s newly launched website, This leading Indian shoe manufacturer, which will again show at Expo Riva Schuh in June, produces about 6,000 pairs of men’s shoes a day, all for export markets, and 70 percent of its business is in Europe.