The Italian shoe company has launched jewels and perfumes in its domestic market to build up its core Fabi brand of footwear. It also launched its transactional website last month and it is considering the launch of a line of eyewear at a later stage.

Inspired by the Orient and by the ancient art of the Etruscans and Byzantium, the new Fabi Jewels line features items in silver, bronze and silver. Like the Fabi line of women’s shoes, it will be sold at accessible prices and will be available initially at various jewelery stores throughout Italy.

The company has also brought out a line of Fabi fragrances in cooperation with Eurocosmetics. It is being marketed initially in Italy, but it may soon be offered also in Russia and in the United Arab Emirates, where Fabi has many customers already. It has just opened its third store in Dubai.

The new brand-building exercise follows the recent appointment of a marketing manager, Eva Squadroni, who previously worked for four years for another well-known brand from the Marche region, Fornarina.

Fabi is already selling garments, leathergoods, gloves, umbrellas and various other accessories at some of its stores, mainly in Italy. It has five of them in the country, including one opened in Bologna last May, and others will probably follows next year.

Adding stores opened in partnership with local retailers, Fabi has a total of 42 stores around the world, and the bulk of them are in Russia, including 11 in different parts of Moscow. The company’s second store in St. Petersburg was opened recently.

The first ten Fabi stores are due to open in China in the course of 2009. Other retail ventures are under consideration in other Eastern European markets. Contacts with foreign buyers have been made easier since the establishment of a 500-square-meter showroom in Milan in September 2007.

Meanwhile the company has introduced a new pre-production system in order to ensure more timely deliveries for at least 10 percent of the retailers’ requirements.

The company was set up in 1965. Adding various sub-brands, Fabi reportedly raised its sales by 39.8 percent to about €45 million in 2007 and was expecting a further sales increase of 10 to 12 percent for this year. The number of employees has grown to 344.