Brandmasters, distributor of Airstep in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, will from now on also take care of the brand's distribution in the U.K. Brandmasters recently acquired 50 percent of the trademark rights for Airstep, and the company designs all its men's and women's shoe collections. The shoes are produced in Bosnia, where Olip Italia, owner of Airstep, opened its own factory in the 1980s and renovated it from 2006-08. Frank Prenntzell, owner of Brandmasters together with Michael Gerlach, works mainly in Italy and designs the product, while Gerlach takes care of the distribution of the brand from Germany. About 200,000 pairs of Airstep shoes are sold yearly to about 450 existing clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Brandmasters also launched the first online shop for the brand this month. Customers can purchase all men's, women's and kids' shoes collections on the website, as well as accessories and the brand's very recently launched apparel collection.