Brazil has come up with a plan intended to help local manufacturers and cut down on cheap Asian imports. The “Bigger Brazil” plan includes tax cuts and exemptions, financing, and trade incentives for players in industries including textiles, clothing and footwear. Many of these companies have been hurt by international competition and the appreciation of the reai. Along with tax cuts, exporters are being offered tax credits of 0.5 percent of their sales outside Brazil. To help make up for this, companies will pay an additional tax of at least 1.5 percent on sales, depending on the sector. The government will favor Brazilian companies when making purchases, even paying a 25 percent premium for local goods. The Brazilian Development Bank is lending just over $1.2 billion to promote investments in technology, and imports must meet stricter quality standards. Anti-dumping duties and procedures will be accelerated, and customs will look harder at potential smugglers and falsified shipping documents.