Graham Wick, CEO of FT International, which is enjoying excellent sell-throughs with its new licensed Kangol collection of shoes, has become a partner in a new company called Terry de Havilland London, formed to relaunch the iconic Terry de Havilland brand of footwear, which is being sold during the current season in a select group of top-end shops such as Colette in Paris, 10 Corsa Como in Milan, Jeffrey in New York, Madison in Los Angeles, and Poste Mistress, Selfridges, Liberty and Dover Street Market in London.

This high-end footwear collection is being rolled out to a larger number of retailers internationally for the next season. De Havilland’s shoes were colloquially referred to as “D-Havz” back in the 1970s. The new company has taken that name for a diffusion collection that is making its debut in the Office chain in London this month. Here again, the distribution will widen up for the Spring/Summer season.

Other partners in the new venture are Mike Proudlock and Monica Camiruaga, who own Mimonic, a London-based faster fashion supplier. The team has agreed on a long-term licensing deal with Terry de Havilland, who acts as design director. Nick Lawler handles design as well as product development.