Bronx raised its shoe deliveries last year by 15 percent to 2.2 million pairs across the Dutch company’s three brands – 1.1 million pairs for Bronx, 1 million pairs for Blink and 100,000 pairs for Diba. The UK represented 40-50 percent of total sales, Holland 20 percent, and Scandinavia 15 percent, but Bronx is developing new models that could be appealing in other markets where it wants to have a strong presence, such as Germany and France. The company is still producing around 40 percent of its shoes in Brazil, followed by 30 percent in Romania, 20 percent in Portugal and 10 percent in China. For the moment the company is not planning to shift more production to China, believing that sourcing the right finishings and finding the right infrastructure there would be tricky. In response to growing demand, Bronx is trying to use the current set-up to develop samples more quickly, to test products more efficiently, and to improve customer service, tracking down delivery schedules better.