Camper, a Spanish brand that develops about 500 different models of shoes each year, is harnessing 3D printing to create prototypes of increasing geometric complexity in as little as 24 hours. According to the Spanish daily Cinco Días, the company is using two such printers made by a Catalonian company, BCN3D, which has also supplied equipment to Louis Vuitton and Samsung. Camper expects faster design to cut time-to-market, as its traditional prototypes – made of plastic and wood – have taken two to four weeks to produce. For now, Camper will limit 3D printing to the design stage and continue manufacturing its finished shoes at its factory in Inca, Spain. Meanwhile, the brand's senior design staff has undergone changes of its own. Roman Kremer, the French creative director, left the company in June, and Achilles Ion Gabriel of Finland was appointed creative supervisor of CamperLab. Founded in 1975, Camper operates in more than 40 countries and runs about 400 stores.