Caprice, the German shoe brand, has invested a seven-figure sum in modernizing the company's headquarters at Pirmasens, near the border with France, as well as production locations in Myanmar and Pakistan. The comfort shoe brand, which focuses on blending fashion and wellness using advanced design technology, is seeking to strengthen its position as an innovative manufacturer. Caprice is a subsidiary of the Wortmann Group, which also owns the bigger and better known Tamaris label.

As part of the upgrade, the headquarters in Pirmasens now serves as a digital interface between production sites in Asia and Europe. Its revamp includes the construction of a new technology and training center. In addition, the production hall has undergone an upgrade with the purchase of a 3D printer and scanners. This will enable Caprice to design digital models of soles and heels directly on-site, as well as to build prototypes. The training facility, made of glass and designed to seat 40 people, is located on a second level in the hall to provide an overview of the production process.

An eight-square-meter LED video screen mounted on the hall ceiling makes it possible to network with other international sites. All locations are equipped with high-speed connections and modern video equipment. This makes them part of an extended workbench so the head office can quickly and remotely view the entire production process.

A new training program will benefit the management and staff, as well as shoe retailers and their sales staff. In addition, the digital hook-up to foreign sites will enable production problems to be identified quickly and solved cost-effectively.

Caprice has also retrofitted the production centers in Myanmar and Pakistan with independent power supplies. Both countries experience frequent power outages that can cause production bottlenecks. In Pakistan, the company has constructed a 12,000-square-meter solar field at the site. When it comes on line in September, it will be the largest photovoltaic plant for industrial use in Pakistan, and the energy required to finish Caprice shoes will largely come from solar power. In Myanmar, the company has installed modern high-tech electricity generators that function independently of the public grid.